Mixed Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium

Last year around this time I was with my family at Filipino Heritage Night at Dodger Stadium. It was at that game that my then 7-year-old son, Luke, asked if there was a special day at Dodger Stadium that was for kids that were multiracial. By the time we were singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” I had decided I would answer that question posed by Luke by reaching out to the LA Dodgers and creating a Mixed Heritage Day.

The next day I pitched them the idea of Mixed Heritage Day and they accepted.

Along with my co-founder of MultiCulti Corner, Delia Douglas Haight, we set out to produce the best inaugural Mixed Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium we could.

With the help of several sponsors we achieved that.

Bobby Brown Foods donated an awesome raffle basket


 Sponsors who believe in the importance of celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion signed on to support our event. We would like to thank:

Mixed Up Clothing, Inc              



Los Angeles Dodgers

CurlyKids HairCare

Multiracial Media Multiracial Americans

A Mixed Girl ‘s Favorite Recipes

Mixed Marrow

Multiracial Family Man Podcast

Mixed Roots Stories

Giggle Drink

On August 27, 2016 we met at Dodger Stadium and walked the exact route the Dodger players take to get to the field. While walking through we learned about the wonderful history of the Dodgers and got to see all the trophies.

On on the field, we gathered to be recognized by the office of Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

Meet Amanda Mejia, the East Area Representative, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. She was so kind and helpful.

This is a great shot of us all taken by Dodger's photographer, Jon Soo Hoo and posted to his Dodgers Photog Blog page.

On0the-field fun with cameras and reporters

The moment we all were waiting for...Mixed Heritage Day on the Jumbotron


My dad and I having fun with the IG cutout.

My littles and I

My littles with celebrities Luna Blaise from Fresh off the Boat


Kayla Maisonet from Stuck in the Middle

Showing off the award to actor Jason George from Grey's Anatomy

Sara from Awesomeness TV and I hanging out.


What the day was really about. These littles are what Mixed Heritage Day is all about. Celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion.

Good friends, good times


And that's a wrap on our inaugural Mixed Heritage Day!

See you next year!!


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