Mixed Up Clothing is more than creating gorgeous multicultural children's apparel.  We're dedicated to sharing the vibrant cultures of the world and creating a space where multiculturalism is highlighted and diversity is celebrated.



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As an AfroLatina founder, I want to center the BIPOC narrative. My father is African-American and my mother, Mexican-American. They both served in the military so I'm a proud military brat born on the island of Puerto Rico. Our family was then transferred to the Hawaiian island of O'ahu before calling Los Angeles home.

My husband is Korean-American and together we have four multicultural, multiracial and multilingual children.

In dressing my children, I noticed fashion didn't reflect a rich, multicultural reality that I wanted to see in the world so I decided to create Mixed Up Clothing.

I use fashion as my vehicle to tell our multicultural stories. I want children to see themselves in fashion, on the runway and in print. Everything we do comes from a place of celebration and showcasing heritage and culture.

I source fabrics and trims from all over the world, mix and match them, and then sew them into fun, everyday pieces that children are proud to wear.

Mixed Up Clothing is about connecting to culture and identity. Wearing clothes that highlight who we are and our roots provides an opportunity to express our pride and learn about one another.

We are on a mission, a movement of wanting to be seen and wanting accurate cultural representations of our multicultural experiences. Representation matters and I'm so excited to be a part of amplifying our diverse voices with Mixed Up Clothing. 



Sonia Smith-Kang is a multiracial female founder based in Los Angeles, California.  As a DE & I expert and public speaker, she focuses on topics around multiracial identity and parenting multicultural children.  

She has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, The Real, NPR, KPCC, HuffPost Live, CBS, and ABC News.  Her design are in editorials like Latina Magazine, InTouch, Babiekins, Earnshaws, and Pregnancy & Newborn.

Sonia is a graduate of The Workshop at Macy’s, an exclusive retail vendor development program designed to give select high potential minority- and women-owned businesses the tools to better succeed and sustain growth in the retail industry.

Born in Puerto Rico to an African American father and Mexican mother, Sonia understands the ins and outs of multiracial life.  As the daughter of military parents, she was afforded the opportunity to see the world and connect with communities around the globe, an experiences that has informed how she sees the world as a woman and mother. Sonia understands what it means to be multiracial. 

From feelings of not being "enough" of one ethnicity or another, to blending cultures and languages, and raising kids in an increasingly multicultural world, Sonia enjoys connecting with other and sharing her life experiences. She has become determined to bridge gaps between cultures and communities. 

At the University of San Francisco, she studied nursing and enjoyed classes on multicultural nursing. As a critical care nurse (RN) and Public Health Nurse, she took a holistic approach to medicine, specifically, understanding the intersection of health and culture and how that can lead to better outcomes.

She met her husband, a first generation Korean-American. When they started having children, they solidified their commitment to being intentional in raising multicultural, multiracial and multilingual children. 

She became even more aware of the artwork, books, music, and even the clothes brought into her home. She wanted everything her kids interacted with to not only instill pride, but promote cultural awareness and understanding.  As the kids got older, they were placed in activities and attended events that explored all of their rich cultural heritage. But one thing was still missing.

When it came to clothing there was a limit on what was available year round.  While they did have access to traditional clothing for cultural customs, ceremonies and special occasions, there were few everyday designs that could give her children the same sense of pride in between holidays.

After discussing the issue with other multicultural families, Sonia realized that there was a need and desire among parents for something more.  She started working on designs and founded Mixed Up Clothing, a multicultural children's apparel company focused on highlighting the beauty and vibrant cultures of the world.

At a time when the multiracial community is outpacing other populations, it's important for families of all backgrounds to see accurate representations of their culture in everyday life.

With Mixed Up Clothing, Sonia able to introduce others to the diverse cultures of the world and ignite global understanding.