Mompreneur: vacation edition!

It's really hard for my family and I to get away for a week vacation. We are always on the go. As a mom, wife and entrepreneur, I'm as busy as the next person but I admit that I need to do more to make time with my family to disconnect and be one with each other and nature. 
This summer my family and I decided we would head to Lake Tahoe to get one with nature. I partnered with Lincoln who provided the beautiful MKX for the week. This busy business woman and mom of four could really use the time away and why not enjoy an affordable luxury vehicle while on the go?
 We loaded up the car and took off on the drive. With each mile we drove I could feel the sense of relief and excitement building. I was getting away with my family and I was determined to put the electronics down and really live in the moment.  
After several hours in the car we finally made it to Lake Tahoe and checked into our hotel. We showered and walked into the harbor are for a nice dinner on our first night in town. After dinner we took a stroll by the lake and watched the sunset. 
Heading back to the hotel, we talked about what was on tap for the next day and the kids decided they wanted to be swim and fish.
I'm not a fisherman by any stretch of the imagination but I can hold a fishing pole my husband or son baited for me and wait for a bite. 
We had an amazing time fishing. It does take quite a bit of patience but well worth it. My kids wouldn't be my kids if they didn't complain about how long it took to catch a fish but they had to deal with it. They were using both hands to hold the poles so they couldn't use their phones and play games. The horror!! Just when the complaints were getting to that point, the fish started biting and it was on! The first kid that caught a fish got bragging rights and the others were determined to catch one on their own. Nothing like a lil' sibling rivalry to get them out of complaining. I'll take it! We each caught a fish and that would be our dinner for the night as our hotel offered  bar b que pits.
Now on to the beach! 
We joined some family that was also spending time in Lake Tahoe. They brought their kayaks and paddle boards so my kids were in heaven.
I am usually labeled the uptight parent. My husband is the fun one. Mommy is the more serious one. I like a good plan, where my husband is more spontaneous. But I promised myself I would let go more while on this trip. I'm not going to lie, when the family was in the water and I was sitting under an umbrella relaxing, I did bring out my mobile and check on emails. I couldn't help myself. I have a total fear of missing out (FOMO). What if an opportunity is sitting in my in box and I'm missing it? After getting caught working, my kids demanded I get in the water. They actually fought over who was going to kayak with mommy. Not because they wanted me, but they knew I may not be the best partner! I showed them, I kayaked my butt off. Sure, we fell over once but who doesn't?
The night ended with visiting with family at their campsite. We toasted s'mores, listened to music and talked. The kids played a Mexican game of Loteria  which is similar to Bingo. If I had to pinpoint the moment I had been waiting all year for, this would be it. The moment where all was right with the world and I was with those that mean everything to me. 
The next day was spent hiking and more beach time.
Lake Tahoe is just an amazing place. The perfect weather, clear skies, fresh blue water and the views are breathtaking. 
Our week away came to an end and it was time to head back to reality. Driving home I start to get antsy as I knew school would be starting soon and I would be swooped away in mommy-hood and business woman mode soon enough.
As we drove the last few miles home I told the kids how much I loved spending time with them and that I hope that when life gets hectic and all their school work and after school sports activities get too much, lets re-group and remember that things will be ok, as long as we are safe and healthy. I am proud of my family and love that I had this time away from them. I promised myself to be a bit more spontaneous and to step away from my electronics a bit more. We don't have to be away in order to re-connect with each other. It just times practice.
Disclosure: Thank you to Lincoln Motor for the MKX and to The Ellen Show for the hotel accommodations. All opinions are mine.

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