New Knott's Berry Farm Coaster

We often have guest contributors to the blog but this is the first time we turn it over to a kid. Luke is my son who could not wait to try out the new coaster at Knott's Berry Farm so we are letting him share his experience.

Hi,my name is Luke and on May 2 I turned 10 years old. I asked my mom if we could go to Knott's because I had not been there since I was a small kid and I saw commercials for their new ride, HangTime.

My mom said yes and we invited my whole family to come with us to check out the new coaster. 

After parking and walking into the park, we knew Hangtime would be the first ride we would go to before the lines got too long.

As we waited in the line, I looked up and could see riders up on the top of a 150-foot vertical lift hill (from the brochure) and it did kinda scare me but I kept it inside.

We finally got to the front of the line and I was sort of hoping I wasn't tall enough for the ride. I used to cry when they measured me and I couldn't go on rides but I sorta hoped it would happen right now.

I was tall enough so I got into the last row and I sat between my mom and dad. Before I knew it, we we climbed up the roller coaster and my mom grabbed my hand and was screaming like crazy because they let us hang (get it, Hangtime?) there for a few seconds. 


The coaster was so fast that my mouth got dry and we went upside-down so many times but I don't know exactly how many because my eyes were closed.

My uncle is an engineer and looks at rollercoasters from a different way and talked about G-forces and stuff but all I know is that I have never felt like that before. We were upside-down and going side to side.

After what seemed like forever, the ride was over.

My mom's hair was all crazy and my dad looked like he had tears in his eyes. We went out and back to my other family and they asked me how it was and I couldn’t stop smiling. I told them it was scary and fun. Like it was both emotions the whole time. 

I would totally do it again. I hope I don’t have to wait to my next birthday to ride it again though.

Here’s a picture of my family. They didn’t all ride it like me but we all took a picture. 

My little cousin would never go on big rides so we went into Camp Snoopy for him. I went on the rides, too. 

It’s still fun like I remember when I was a kid.

After Camp Snoopy we went on more rides. This time I rode the Jaguar with my grandma. I’m glad she came with us and I liked that she came on rides with us. 

My 10th birthday was so much fun.

I even got to talk to Jack Black who played Nacho Libre which is my favorite movie.

Disclaimer: My mom got media tickets but everything I wrote was my own opinion.

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