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We were so excited to be given a sneak preview of new episodes from season 2 of DOOZERS at The Jim Henson Studio.

Mixed Up Blog contributor, Mermaid Blends, shared her experience with us.

She wrote:

We had a great time and a new addition to Roarke's homeschool curriculum. 

Doozers is an animated preschool series but I believe it can capture the attention of a kindergartner or First grader.
The innovator spirit and "I can do it" attitude has this Mami won over. 
The show is featured around four best friends who live in Doozer Creek , a wonderful blending of the fantastical, modern and eco-friendly community.  Be still my upcycling heart! The group dubbed "the Pod Squad " Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex (Roarke's favorite) and my favorite Daisy Wheel. Like any good squad the adventure and projects are amazingly engaging. 
Doozers features a design thinking curriculum, which is part of an overall STEAM initiative. Doozers are Doers and put their ideas into action. These Doozers teaches critical and creative thinking skills in their playful adventure.
The team work and community togetherness modeling is appreciated in this heated spirited cultural climate. 

We got to watch 3 episodes and both boys were engaged and love the intro song. Roarke was bubbling with "let's try it at home" talk so grateful for the activities. 
His favorite one was painting the flower pot and picking his seeds. He chose Calendula for his self and marigold for baby brother. 
One episode was on making rainbows and the boys got to make their own using florsit block, colorful pipe cleaners, glue and cotton balls.
We are now big Doozers fans and have added Hulu/Sprout for educational TV resources.



We loved the DOOZERS inspired crafts on hand as well as food, drinks and other fun activities.

DOOZERS Season 2 debuts on May 25th only on Hulu!



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Disclaimer: this was a hosted event but all opinions are ours.


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