Heat Wave Fashion!

By Karishma Bhakta, Blog Contributor


The heat wave is finally coming in. This week was the start of summer and it has already proven to be challenging.


The heat wave can be the worst time to wear jeans and tight clothing. It is unappealing and uncomfortable when you and your kids end up wearing skinny jeans and a tight shirt in the hot sun as you all fiercly sweat. You also don’t want to carry a jacket around in the hot sticky sun. What you need is something loose and casual.


Summer is one of the most colorful times of the year. So let's try some colorful relaxed dresses or rompers for the zoo or outdoors.


You can also try some white shirts with colored or black shorts to make the shirt pop. This look is great for boys for an easy look.


Since it's summer time, you want your kids to me comfortable and relaxed yet fashionable. These are some favorite and popular Mixed Up Clothing looks for the summer.

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