Mini Vacations

Don't have time for a long week vacation. Have a weekend getaway at a resort or in the suburbs. We all know how hard it is to have a vacation in the summer. There is more traffic than usual, kids are busy with different activities and there just isn't enough time.

Some tips are take a weekend trip to a resort at a beach you have not visited yet like Santa Barbara or Monterrey Bay where the area is peaceful and away from the largely populated cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beach side resorts can be very expensive so may be try Airbnb and rent a house or apartment with all the fixes for a couple of days.

Santa Barbara Resorts

If your not into the city, try Yosemite or the Grand Canyon. Yosemite is a beautiful and natural place you can go. It is much more peaceful and quiet than the city. It really allows you to stop and take a breath. There are many cheap motels and dining in the area. Yosemite has various activities like hiking, water rafting and more.

Share some of your vacation ideas below.

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