School’s Out, Now What?

Karishma Bhakta, blog contributor


 Are you struggling to keep your kids busy? You tried summer camps, the library and more.


We have an option for you. Many banks have partnered with museums to provide account holders free admission to museums. That's right, free! We all know how long it can take to go through a whole museum. It takes about a day, unless you go to a Science Museum, then it takes more than one day.


I myself have been to a fair share of museums in Los Angeles. For me the best part of a museum is the interactive learning. It much more fun than going to school or doing Kumon.


You can also use this time to teach your children more about your heritage and their history in the United States. Los Angeles is fortunate to hold many diverse museums celebrating history and cultures. Many of the museums let your dress up in traditional attire and play games.


Los Angeles Ethnic Museums:

Museum of Latin American Art

Japanese American National Museum

Skirball Cultural Center

Chinese American Museum

California African American Museum

USC Pacific Asia Museum


So enjoy your summer by teaching your kids more about where you came from and the American Dream.

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