Visit Palm Springs: The BMW Experience

On a recent media tour through the greater Palm Springs area, I got a chance to visit The BMW Performance Driving School. This experience was unlike any other. Upon arrival, our group had breakfast and then we were ushered into a beautiful state of the art classroom setting where a professional instructor taught us about the vehicles we would be driving as well as vehicle safety. Following in-class instruction, we were seprated into groups and led onto the extensive track area.

There were several tracks we drove including a multi-configuration course with hairpin turns, high-speed straights and a 300’ polished concrete skidpad.

During the 1-Day Car Control and action-packed Driving Experiences, I got my heart pumping and adrenaline going.I learned a great deal at M School like how to manage sophisticated vehicle dynamics and serious seat time in multiple high-performance M cars.

Not only did I learn theory, The Advanced M School provided professional level road course experience.

As we ended the day and all I could think of was how and when I was going to makeit back to Thermal, CA.

Whether you’re on vacation in Palm Springs or looking for a unique heart-racing experience check out and experience the adventure of being at The BMW Performance Driving School.

Visit for full program listings and calendar.

Call 888-345-4BMW today to make reservations for the BMW Performance Driving School at either our original South Carolina location or brand new facility near Palm Springs, California.



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