Visit Palm Spring: A Review of the Volkswagen Tiguan

Newly designed for 2019, the Volkswagen Tiguan is an ideal compact SUV with more room than ever. It has a simple but stylistic design is appealing. Test driving the 2019 Tiguan was a joy as well.

The seats in the front and 2nd row are very comfortable. The ride was smooth. As a bonus unlike other crossovers in its class the Tiguan offers optional third row seating. Although it compromises some cargo space I could see it coming in handy when driving all my son's baseball teammates around.

Inside I like that the infotainment system is a touchscreen. Less buttons to push. It also comes with Apple carplay and Android auto so you can connect your phone to the car's system. Music sounded great out of the car's speakers.


It was really a joy test driving the 2019 Tiguan. It looks and drives great. I always thought of the Beetle when I think of Volkswagen but they produce some great vehicles today. Go check out the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan at your nearest dealer.

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