MultiCulti Corner event co-hosted by CityMomsApp at The Green Chateau

What an incredible morning at The Green Chateau celebrating Nelson Mandela Day!
Hosted by CityMoms, we had a fantastic turnout from several multicultural moms and their beautiful babes. Yummy snacks were provided by GoGo Squeez Yogurtz and Kind Bars.
MultiCulti Corner co-founder, Delia, taught a piece of her Native American culture to the inquisitive children. Together they made Dream Catchers.
Feathers, beads, string and paper plates were all we needed to bring this special activity to life.
Teacher Blanca "B" was on hand to lead the group in lively music with multicultural songs. She also managed to keep the fun going by introducing musical instruments from all over the world.
Stay tuned for more multicultural children's workshops.
The MultiCulti Corner would like to thank CityMomsApp for co-hosting this event and to The Green Chateau for the beautiful venue.

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