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On Follow Fridays, The Mixed Up Blog, likes to introduce you to entrepreneurs that are doing good in the multicultural community.

Today's feature is: Shana Simms

Hello, my name is Shana and  I am a single mother of Miss Londyn Skye and a SHE.E.O of my own children’s online boutique Kulturedd Kids. I have an excessive shopping habit when it comes to my daughter's clothing (I know I can’t be the only one with this habit lol).

Coming from a Jamaican family, I love diversity and colors and I like to incorporate that in the outfits I find for my daughter as well as my boutique.

The inspiration behind my daughter’s style came from the fact that she is full of energy and has a smile that will light up the earth and I needed to make sure that her clothes matched her charisma. I love bright colors in the summer with flowy skirts and in the fall we like to lay on the scarves and strap on the boots.

We support small business boutiques so that Londyn can have unique and one of a kind pieces to add to her wardrobe.  Being that I am a single mom and knowing that kids grow so fast I am money savvy on the clothing that I choose. I catch sales, of course and my money hack is I buy off season so that I can grab awesome deals for the next year! My habit turned into a passion when I decided to open up a children's boutique, Kulturedd Kids, so that I could share my passion with other families at affordable prices.

We love to give back so we have our Kitchen’s for Kids campaign where we revamp old (gently used) toy kitchen sets and deliver them to needy kids during Christmas. I believe clothing is a form of expression and can tell a person how you are feeling that day and my job as a parent is to make sure that my daughter knows that she can be whoever she wants and express herself in so many different ways.

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