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My family and I are fans of the Ice Age franchise so when we were invited to attend the Ice Age Collision Course DVD release media event at Discovery Cube in Santa Ana, we jumped at the opportunity.
I brought my husband and two of our four children to the event which started with a breakfast with Scrat. Scrat is the hilarious squirrel who is obsessed with acorns that constantly elude him. The kids loved meeting him and taking pictures with him. 
In this DVD our favorite ICE AGE heroes are back and cooler than ever! Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn accidentally triggers cosmic events that threaten the ICE AGE world.  Buck, Manny, Ellie, Sid, Diego and the rest of the herd must work together on a hilarious journey filled with nonstop action and colorful new characters in order to survive the global Scrat-tastrophe!
Our fun-filled day began with a yummy breakfast and photo op with Scrat.
Following breakfast we were ushered into an auditorium where we were given a presentation by two of the filmmakers:Jony Chandra and Galen Chu. Jony is the story artist who led a live character drawing session that Ava absolutely loved. She was able to follow along as he made Scrat.  Luke enjoyed co-director, Galen's explanation of how he brings the characters to life.
Next was an interactive chat with an air & space expert.
Luke has been collecting rocks since he was 4 and found the rocks and meteor that brought fascinating. In fact, he wanted to bring it home! No luck lil dude!
As if all of the excitement up to this point wasn't enough, we got a special tour of the Science of Hockey Rocket Lab, Mission Control and the Planetary Research Station. 
What an amazing family outing. We all found something we enjoyed but nothing is better than watching your children enjoy themselves while learning.
Special thanks to The Discovery Cube for hosting the event and to all the sponsors!
Pick up your copy ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE at any major retailer or online
 Blu-ray release of Ice Age: Collision Course available October 11  
ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE Blu-ray™ & DVD Special Features Include:
o   “Scrat: Spaced Out Mini-Movie”
o   “Ice Age: The Story So Far”
o   “Scratasia: Scrat’s Solo Adventures”
o   “Mysteries of the Scratazons”
o   “Star Signs of the Animal Kingdom”
o   “The Science of It All: deGrasse Tyson deBunks”
o   “Figaro Sing-along”
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