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Last week Evivo held an event at Au Fudge, which we were invited to. It was an event leading up to Breastfeeding Month. We had a great time and learned a great deal of information that we shared on our last blog post. While there we met up with old friends Lansinoh.

 Well, to be honest, they didn’t know me, but I certainly knew them and their wonderful products. Little did they know that they helped me during my breastfeeding years. I shared my experience (and love) for them so we decided to partner here on the blog so I could share some of the great things they are doing over at Lansinoh HQ.

I guess I should start by saying I am a breastfeeding graduate with all 4 of my children. I did not graduate with honors, in fact, I had to repeat some grades and do remediation.

It wasn’t that I was a slow learner or anything. I did my Breastfeeding homework. I read all the chapters before class. All the good stuff.

I know it’s wrong, but I’m going to actually blame my children on this one. Well, not all 4 of them. Just 3 of the 4. 

Ok, so let me lead in with a bit of history; some background to plead my case.

I was breastfed by mother waaaay back in the 70’s, ya dig? And growing up in a Latino familia, I was used to seeing other mamas breastfeed. So when I got pregnant I just kinda knew that I was going to breastfeed. It was like my rite of passage. But I wish someone sent a memo to my first born to go easy on a newbie! 

Bree was my first girl. She was born with a genetic disorder and was diagnosed with failure to thrive. First time out the gate and I was having to play catch up. I would have to nurse Bree frequently for shorter amounts of time to encourage her growth. It made for little time to do much of anything else. We were attached at the breast, literally and figuratively. But we persisted.

Baby numero dos was Gabe. Weighing in over a whopping 10 pounds you could not pay this kid not to nurse. He nursed like a champ. I mean, day, night, he knew what to do. All the memories of his sister faded away with this breastfeeding experience. That is, until the next baby.

So years later, bebe tres, Miss Ava, came along and those who have met her, y’all know what I'm talking about. She is a diva. She was just born that way. She did everything her way. I went right, she went left. I wanted to sleep, she wanted to nurse and play. Still that way to this very day. She knows what she wants and we are just in here way most days. Ha!

Breastfeeding taught me many things about myself and my children. It’s funny (not in the haha type of funny) that their mini personalities were apparent during those years of breastfeeding. My children are very much how they were while we were a nursing pair.

Bree was challenging and worked hard for every drop of breast milk. She still is very much a fighter. Through all her therapies, she fought hard to walk, talk and get around and do activities of daily living.

Gabe is still a champ. Standing over 6 feet and 200 pounds he is a strapping high school athlete with a hearty appetite. The saying, I got it from my mama, holds true for this one. 

Ava is still Miss Ava. She runs this household and likes things just so.

Wait, I’m missing one kiddo. Oh my Luke. My little Lukey. He’s numero cuatro. His personality is one of slow and steady wins the race. He is not in any race to finish anything. He even needed an extra year of kindergarten, he just was not ready to go! He needed a lot of help with nursing. We enlisted the help of everyone from the bedside RN, the doc, a lactation expert and my mommy tribe. Which let me say this now, find a good mommy tribe and love them hard. Ask them questions and support others coming up in the ranks of mommy hood because this whole mommy business and breastfeeding ain't easy.

With my last guy, things that could go wrong with nursing, I went through it.

Cracked nipples…check


Nursing in a bathroom stall…check

Pumping in a closet at work…check


Now, don't get me wrong. None of this is meant to scare you. In fact, my goal is to inspire you to try breastfeeding (if that’s your choice) and to think of me if things get hairy. Which reminds me:

Rogue hairs in crazy places…check

Ok, what was I saying, ah yes; think of me if you get down on yourself about the ups and downs of breastfeeding. If you get stuck or things don’t look like they do in the movies or your friends aren’t having problems and you think “why me?” Think of me and my over 10 years of breastfeeding ups and downs and say, if that lady could do it, so can I.

Get the support, get some help and keep trying. There are some great products out there.

That’s where I was going with this post…the products. Lansinoh was there for me. They didn’t know this then, but their products helped save me from leaky breasts while working as a RN on an intensive care unit where there was little time to eat let alone pump. Lansinoh gel pads soothed my breasts during mastitis. Lansinoh helped heal the cracked nipples.

Oh Lansinoh, how I love thee.

“Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has been committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding for 30 years. Famous for its award-winning cornerstone product, HPA® Lanolin, today Lansinoh is the market leader in breastfeeding accessories. Lansinoh’s commitment to drive innovation and maintain the highest quality standards in the industry has led to an expanded product offering that includes premium toddler mealtime and baby toiletries products, all designed to help moms, babies and families live a healthy life. The Lansinoh family of brands, which are available in more than 25,000 retail stores nationwide, includes breastfeeding accessories, breast pumps and a bottle designed specifically for breastfed babies.”

Y’all are lucky to have them. I just left their website and now there are tons more products than when I had my littles. Not to mention there’s a Certified Lactation Counselor to help out.

Say whhhaaat?

Meet Gina:

Gina Ciagne, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) at Lansinoh, who can speak to the following and more:

  • How Moms Can Feel More Confident When Breastfeeding in Public
  • Products to Help Make Breastfeeding in Public Easier, More Convenient
  • How Moms Can Increase Their Comfort Level When Breastfeeding in Public
  • The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom & Baby

 Learn more here:

Her bio is below and full of good stuff but why do I love the last line where she loves road trippin' in a bedazzled truck part the most!?!

We must become friends!

“Gina wears many hats, including healthcare and breastfeeding technical advisor, consumer resource, media spokesperson and breastfeeding advocate. Necessity is the mother of invention, and of advocacy, and Gina became involved in workplace support of breastfeeding after personal experience with how challenging it can be to receive it. Finding her calling, she went on to co-manage the Department of Health & Human Services/Ad Council National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign. The stars were aligned and Gina came to Lansinoh with her perfect blend of business talent and desire to promote breastfeeding. Gina has a BA from the University of Dayton, a MS in Public and Community Health from Trinity University and is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). When she’s not cheering on new moms, you can find her road tripping with her children in their breastfeeding-bedazzled truck.”


Like Gina (and many of you in blog land) I wear many hats…mama, entrepreneur and don’t forget RN. You can forget but I can’t forget because I’m still paying off my college loans! 

Pay student loan today...check

This mama loves Lansinoh products and loves her some Gina.

The RN in me loves all the research they provide about breastfeeding.

So without further ado, let me drop some knowledge on ya that I learned from Lansinoh:

"Breastfeeding in public continues to be a topic of debate and one that doesn’t seem to be going away. While it may be a controversial topic to the general public, according to a new survey by Lansinoh, a global leader in breastfeeding products and accessories, nearly two thirds of women (64.7%) believe that breastfeeding in public is perfectly natural – showing that women are becoming more confident and proud of the personal act of feeding one’s baby when it’s hungry; WHEREVER and WHENEVER that may be"

What this means is we're tired of hiding in bathroom stalls and closets.

We want to live life, WHILE breastfeeding NOT hiding from it.

And good news y'all, Lansinoh is here for you. Here for it. All of it. Check out the their commitment:


“Lansinoh is committed to providing mothers support not only through their unique line of products but their services.  By listening to breastfeeding and pumping mothers and understanding their needs and challenges, Lansinoh continues to evolve and adapt their line of products to help support their needs. Lansinoh’s mission is to provide unparalleled support by advocating for breastfeeding, and offer support for women with educational tools and helpful products so that every mom can breastfeed for as long as she chooses."

To learn more about Lansinoh and its product offerings, please visit

Drop me a line in the comments and share your breastfeeding stories. How long did you breastfeed? 

Let us know what Lansinoh products you have tried or what you're dying to try.



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This is a #sponsored post in #partnership between Mixed Up Clothing, Inc and #Lansinoh.

All opinions are mine!

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