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By:Karishma Bhakta

It's that time of the year where kids are excited to see their friends from school again. All the Moms are busy trying to buy all the school supplies and appropriate school clothing on a budget.

We can help you hear. We have some beautiful colorful tops for boys and girls. They aren't only tops for wear and looking cool but to start a discussion.

What does your shirt mean? What is Aloha? What are those dolls?

Kids learn from each other and learn from their actions. They can teach each other new facts from Mixed Up Clothing. What is Aloha? Aloha is Hello and Good Bye in Hawaii.

We also have cute blouses and shorts for girls to wear at birthday parties and after school events. Many of our blouses are a mix of colors and festivals. They can also wear Mixed Up Dresses and Blouses for performances like on Chinese New Year or Cinco De Mayo.

White stripped shorts with Pink vertical stripe blouse

Boys also have many options in various designs on traveling maps and route 66. They can dress an aloha shirt with a gray or blue jacket with blue jeans. They can also dress a map shirt with a black or gray jeans. Since we provide mostly casual clothing for guys and gals which is perfect for school.

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