Daddy's Home 2: an interview with Linda Cardellini

When Linda Cardellini walked into the room I couldn't believe I was watching the same actress that was in one of my favorite movies, Legally Blonde. I know, I know...but I love that movie. I'm not sure if I was quietly hoping she would have the permed hair that she was known to have in the popular scene where she's Chutney, daughter of the deceased character and was being questioned on the stand by Reese Witherspoon's character, Elle.  
Sadly, she didn't have the perm but she was so wonderful in person.
She walked in, heels in hand, and made us all feel relaxed knowing as a working mama she was just like one of us.
I enjoyed hearing her share about her numerous roles as an actress but no role was more important than her role as wife and mom. 
She was asked about holiday traditions which she finds very important to share with her daughter.
Linda also mentioned that even if they are away for Christmas, they make sure that they buy any kind of Christmas tree to liven up where they are. "Christmas is wherever you are because Santa can find you anywhere."
As a working mom who has to battle with mom guilt all the time, Linda commisorated and shared a difficult time that just occurred over Halloween where she was not able to be there for Halloween with her daughter because she was filming.
 She talked about how her awesome family and how they were able to be there and she could "Face time" with them.
She went on to include "sometimes I feel like I'm getting it and sometimes I don't.It kind of ebbs and flows. I'm feeling it the most."
She talks about being how "sometimes we don't know what we're doing and you can ask other moms how are they handling it."
 Linda's right, mommy-hood is an "ongoing process" we are all just kinda doing it and learning as we go along. Sometimes we feel like we "got it" and sometimes we don't.
I want to believe that, as moms, we are just out here doing our best for ourselves and our children.  
#DaddysHome2 is out November 10th.
A special thanks to the wonderful ladies and fellow working mamas at Boutique PR for the invitation to attend the Daddy's Home 2 screening and press junket.

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