Boys Day Out: My Spy Screening Event

We were excited to be invited by STX for the release of their new film MY SPY starring Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman.  
Check out the trailer here 
My nephews were so excited for the meet and greet with Dave Bautista, who plays a hardened covert operative who finds himself out-maneuvered by a precocious youngster performed by Sophie (Chloe Coleman), who uses her tech savviness and street smarts to find JJ’s undercover hideout near the apartment she shares with her mother. 
In exchange for not blowing JJ’s cover,Sophie convinces him to spend time with her and teach her to be a spy. Despite his reluctance,JJ finds he is no match for Sophie’s disarming charm, intelligence and aptitude for espionage.
In casting the young super-sleuth, director-producer, Peter Segal, says he wanted an actress “who could stand toe-to-toe with Dave and be sarcastic and funny with him. Chloe is the real deal. She’s not a ‘child actor’; she’s an actor–a finely-tuned artist. Chloe understands everything, even terms I used during filming that many adults were unfamiliar with. She makes everything about movie-making enjoyable and reminds us that we once looked at it with the same starry eyes she has now.”
My family had such a great time at the MY SPY event. We know you'll enjoy this movie as well.
Check it out when it opens nationwide on March 13th.

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