An Open Letter To Donald Sterling From A Multiracial Mom

Mr. Sterling,

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I have four children that are all sports fans. My oldest daughter is a Los Angeles Lakers fan. My other three are Los Angeles Clippers fans. We are a house divided by the sports teams we love and follow. 
But this week, we were united in sadness. While watching television, the kids and I heard the racially charged audiotapes that your multiracial girlfriend, V.Stiviano, made of you rambling on about black people and other minorities. 
How could we not? It was on every media outlet. More stories came out, alleging that this wasn't your first time exhibiting racism. We heard that you had been sued for housing discrimination for your actions against minorities.  That folks had been tolerating your bigotry for years.....
Head over to ModernMom to read the full letter.

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