The Child They Said Would Never Walk..


As a Modern Mom contributor, I share about being a multicultural mom raising my children to be multiligual and learning about other cultures. This time I wrote about raising my oldest daughter who has a genetic disorder and were told she may not walk or talk.
Here's a sneak preview.
"As an infant, my daughter missed all of her developmental milestones. Cooing, babbling, crawling, walking, talking…all delayed. 
At well-baby checkups, I would express my concerns to the doctor but he reassured me that all babies are different and we would continue to monitor her development. 
But by the time she was 12 months and not yet crawling or making the verbal sounds she should have, I was even more concerned and went in for a second opinion. 
I knew in my gut something was wrong. Always trust your gut..."
***Head over to MODERN MOM to read all about how we coped with learning that my daughter may not walk or talk.

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