Interview by The Lookbook Philosophy

I love days like this. Production is in full swing and things are flowing smoothly. Kids are covered so I can spend all day at the office without having to run back and forth picking them up, running them to their activities and then trying to get them off to bed so I can finish the day's work.
What was even better was the meetings I had today. The first one was a check-in with our publicist, Delia, from DDHPR We were gathering items from the line to share with Cam Anthony, the 12 year-old with the "Golden Voice" who was getting ready to head to Washington, D.C to perform for President Obama at this year's Easter Roll at the White House. We would send him our suspenders and bow tie in a fun kente fabric.
Next up was a meeting with Ayanna Listenbee from The Lookbook Philosophy. I met her at The Lifestyle Blogger event earlier in the month.We were both standing in a hallway after just finishing lunch sponsored by Fresh Brothers Pizza. We made small talk about how yummy the pizza and salads were and how we were both nervous waiting our turn to talk to reps from Fab who were looking for brands to work with. Ayanna is a handbag maker and I was excited to hear more about her so we said we'd stay in touch and have lunch in the next couple of weeks. And here we were. She interviewed me by asking me all about starting and running Mixed Up Clothing.

Her questions were thought provoking and really got to the essence of who we are. She asked how I balance mommyhood and being an entrepreneur and how I get it all done. HA!! As you know, I can't possibly get it all done. I have checklists for days and lots of unchecked boxes but that's the life of a mompreneur, right? 
For more of the interview please head over to Ayanna's wonderful blog:

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