Visit Palm Springs: Work and Play

I was thrilled to head to Palm Springs with A Girls Guide To Cars last month and review vehicles. 

The drive from Los Angeles to the heart of Palm Desert was easy and in just over 2 hours I was at the beautifully decorated Miramonte Resort. 

Parking was great. We drove our car right up to our building which made for easy loading and unloading.

The service by the staff was excellent and the resort was quiet and immaculate.

Although the weather was chilly by California standards, we were still able to enjoy the heated pool.

During the evening, we ate at the resort restaurant and the next evening explored the quaint town and hit Tommy Bahama's.

The grounds were beautiful and it was nice sitting by the relaxing firepit.

The property was a peaceful and beautiful place with cute outdoor activities to enjoy. 


 Activities were plentifu lwhether indoors at the fitness center or outdoors utilizing the bikes that were on property.


After a few days of test driving vehicles, exploring Palm Springs and meeting new friends, it was time to go and say goodbye to the beauty of nature.

I will definintely be back to explore more of Palm Springs.



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