The Smith-Kangs go to Mexico

If you know my family and me, you know that we are not the most organized “krew”. We are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of family. The Smith-Kangs are a special breed. We are a large party of 6 and with that many people, chances are we are going to forget or lose something. Each trip we vow to do better and this trip to the Nayarit Riviera, Mexico, was no exception.


When I received word that I would be attending an influencer trip to the W Punta Mita, I told myself this trip would be different. I was going to be everything I had not been up to now. It was going to be like opposite day, Freaky Friday and Bizarro World all rolled into one.

Instead of waiting until the last moment, I was going to be prepare, if it killed me!  

Here’s my list of things to do and to remember when planning and traveling with your family to Mexico.

Days before:

Start a list of items you’ll need for the trip. Start gathering said items a few days before. Items I knew we wouldn’t use, I started collecting them and placing them in suitcases.

Travel essentials:

  1. Passport-check expiration dates
  2. Credit card (don’t forget to call the card company before you leave to notify them that you will be in Mexico so they don’t set a fraud alert and potentially stop any transactions)
  3. Identification/drivers’ license
  4. Check weather to help pack accordingly (umbrella/heavy jackets, etc)
  5. Research local attractions to help plan out your itinerary ahead of time. Make reservations if necessary.
  6. If you’re family wants to snorkel but get the ickies when using rental snorkel gear, you may want to purchase a set or two prior to the experience so you’re not on the open water reassuring them that they have been adequately cleaned and there just aren’t any other options out here in the ocean at that moment. I’m not Amazon Prime people! Just sayin'!


Clothing essentials:

  1. Coordinated family outfits. Essential? I know what you’re thinking…but yes I am that mom! I love me a good coordinated look. We’re not super matchy-matchy but I do try to make us look like we’re “’posed to be.”
  2. Minimally pack utilizing carry-on suitcases. Ok, this right here is where I could spend most my blog space discussing. After decades of travel, I am yet to travel efficiently and effectively. Decades. Le sigh!
  3. 3-5 shirts, undies, 1-2 shorts, bathing suit, pair of pants, pjs, socks, flip-flops, walking shoes, workout clothes,1evening out/special occasion clothes
  4. Travel sized Wool Light or detergent for washing in the tub if a Laundromat or facilities are unavailable
  5. Packing cubes or clothing bags to keep organized and tidy (a mama can dream)
  6. A plastic bag for dirty clothes



Medical/Safety Essentials:

  1. Health insurance cards
  2. Bottle water
  3. Daily medications (keep with you in case luggage is lost)
  4. OTC medications like Motrin and Benadryl in case of fever, pains or allergies medication
  5. Locate your nearest consulate, hospital or urgent care
  6. Extra packable duffle bag or backpack for beach days or hikes
  7. Sunscreen, hats, Off! bug spray and sunglasses, unbrella


Entertainment essentials:

  1. Snacks and drinks
  2. iPad with programmed movies
  3. Headphones-enough for each kid because god-forbid they share
  4. Portable games, crossword puzzle, Sudoku, coloring books and crayons



     1. Phone/mobile devices (verify with your phone service so you don’t spend                 more on roaming charges than your whole trip)

     2. Waterproof phone covers

     3. Cameras

We had an amazing time and hope you get to explore with your family. Stay tuned for some more on Mexico.

Note: I may or may not have done all of these. I may or may not have added some in writing this post in hindsight after learning another Smith-Kang lesson, ahem, the hard way.

 *This trip was sponsored by the W Punta Mita and Riviera Nayarit but all opinions are mine.

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