Teen Titans GO Movie

Sometimes my kids think my work is cool especially when we get invited to press junkets and movie screenings for movies they enjoy.

That's exactly what happened last weekend we got the opportunity to participate in an experiential press day for the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation movie, TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES. 

The kids felt like stars when they walked the “red carpet” and were greeted by lively paparazzi taking photos.

These two decided to forego the usual saunter down the red carpet and go for an unconventional dance culminating in the popular dance craze, the dab! 


We got a chance to interact with the voices of their beloved characters from the movie, enjoyed the stand-up style interview opportunity and photos with them.

We were then ushered into the theatre for a quick informational before the movie.

Following the movie screening, the kids were treated to pictures with costumed characters Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy!


The reception and the afterparty was a blast! We were treated to yummy foods, desserts and fun activities.

The movie was hilarious and exactly what my kids enjoy about the tv show. We totally recommend you checking it out when it opens July 27th.

The only thing they regretted from the day was not being able to say hey to Lil Yachty who voiced Green Lantern. They screamed when they saw him but like most super heroes, he was fast and disappeared quickly! 



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