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When I was asked to the press junket for JLo's new movie, Second Act, I didn't even need to look at my iCalendar. I was like, you had me at JLo! Count me in!

Last week about 20 writers, media contributors and social media influencers gathered at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills to interview Second Act co-stars Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini and movie director, Peter Segal.


The previous week at the Second Act screening, I instantly fell in love with the movie. It spoke to my personal situation: a woman going through her own second act.

I was a critical care RN with 15 years of experience that I left to start a new business and a new role as multicultural advocate.

I miss being a RN but I also know that the Mixed Up brand that I have created means a great deal to me.  

I get folks who can't understand why Ieft the stability of being an RN for the unpredictability of being an entrepreneur. 

posed this question to the interviewees and loved what Leah Remini had to say in response to : what would you tell someone who is, like me, going through their "Second Act"?

She talked about knowing your passion and knowing that you are not going to always have that support group. She expressed how some people may say "that's crazy at your age", but she encourages those going through it to "listen to yourself" and "follow your own passion". Leah suggested that it's going to take "persistence to get you through" and that you are going to have to take the steps to get you through the tough times.

I took all her advice to heart.

Another aspect of the movie I loved was the onscreen friendship between Leah and JLo.  

JLo referenced this fact while answering why she enjoys acting in RomComs: "life is funny, life is sad. $hit happens!"  

The director, Peter Segal, jumped in and mentioned how the two actresses would just riff off each other during filming and how the characters they played were really a glimpse into their real-life friendship. 

Whether you are on your second act, going with your bestie, or a fan of the RomCom, y'all are in for a treat when this movie opens December 21, 2018. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, share in the comments if you are on your "second act"

What did you do and what are you doing now?

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