Plant a flower kit inspired by the movie, Ferdinand

Just in time for #PlantAFlowerDay on March 12 my littles and I were so excited to receive our very own Plant a Flower kit inspired by Ferdinand and friends along with a few adore-bull goodies! 
The soil was wet since we had rain over the weekend and it was a perfect day to get a chance to celebrate with Ferdinand by creating our own flower garden with my very lovea-BULL family.
We are always on the go with work, school, music lessons, tutoring, sports and other obligations that it's hard to just stay still long enough to stop and smell the roses.
Today we started planting seeds with our new garden set and cannot wait to see our beautiful flowers grow.
The new garden area we created in honor of Ferdinand's love for stopping to smell the roses will serve as a reminder to take time out and remember what's really important in life.
We hope you get a chance to stop and smell the roses! 
Ferdinand is out on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, 3/13 and now available Digitally via Movies Anywhere
Special Features Include: 
  • Featurettes:                                                                                                                Ferdinand’s Guide to Healthy Living” with John Cena 

○      “A Goat’s Guide to Life” 


○      Ferdinand’s Team Supreme”


○      “Spain Through Ferdinand’s Eyes”


○      “Confessions of a Bull-loving Horse”


○      “Creating the Land of Ferdinand


○      “Anatomy of a Scene: The Bull Run”


○      “Learn to Dance with Ferdinand


○      Ferdinand’s Do-It-Yourself Flower Garden”


○      “Creating a Remarka-Bull Song”

  • "Home" Music Video 
  • Gallery 


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*Although we received this promotional material as part of a campaign, all opinions are mine. #ad

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