Multicultural Holiday Gift Guide

Our multicultural holiday gift guide is chock full of great gift ideas.

This year's guide features everything from dolls to car seats, books to hair care products.

The guide serves as a resource to parents, caregivers and individuals on awesome gift ideas for children to see adequate representation of their cultural reality.

Our guide is an effort to develop and promote a broad range of brands that are making quality products with an understanding of the multicultural child in mind.



1. Mixed up clothing

6. The Dandelion Teepee

7. Patricia Candido Adornments

9. Brown Crayons


Studies show that children learn about the idea of race and to recognize physical differences at a very early age. This comes from observations and interactions with their parents, playmates, their families, and others so it's important to fill their environment with items that offer diverse items that reflect the world in which we live.



1. My Family Builders

2. American Girl

3. Mixis Dolls

4. American Girl

5. Lakeshore

6 Elena of Avalor

7. Baby Alive

8. World Globe

Growth in the hair care market is a beautiful testament to our country’s diversity.

The brands that focus on the multicultural child aid in positively shaping the way our children look and feel about themselves.

Positive conversations and examples about different hair types and styles during childhood also promote positive self esteem as children grow into adulthood.


1. Curly Chic Hair Care

    Curly Kids Hair Care

2. Mixed Chicks

3. Bonsai Kids

4. Shea Moisture

5. Kids Embrace

6. Mermaid Blends


Conversations about race is important. Research shows that a "color blind" approach is harmful.

Reading books can bring families closer together and foster an open communication between you and your child.

Conversations like these can also help your child better understand and appreciate the similarities and differences among the diverse folks we share the world with.

1. Hats of Faith

2. Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll

3. The Red Pencil

4. Poppy: A Puerto Rican American Flower 

5. Bad Hair Does Not Exist

6. Last Stop on Market Street

7. A Tale of Two Mommies

8. Arroz Con Pollo and Apple Pie

9. ABC Mouse

10. Bino & Fino

11. Science. It's a Thing

12. It's Okay To Be Different

13. Good Night Captain Mama: Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá 

14. There's Somebody In My Room

15. A is for Ackees

16. Lil' Libros

17. Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide: Educators' Guide

18. Brown Sugar Fairies

19. Canticos

20. Waggish

21. Twindollicious


The idea of race is a highly charged and sensitive topic in the world right now. 

Children are listening so it's a good time to start talking about race, identity, culture, diversity and inclusion.

Children are curious and open about the world and want to understand similarities and differences.

We encourage you to approach the topic of race openly and without judgement.

We hope the brands and products we shared will help you start the conversations and help our children today and in their future.



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