Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures

Have you checked out the new Disney Junior's Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures yet? It's on Disney Junior and DIsney Channel now.
If your littlest ones love all things Mickey Mouse, then Disney Junior’s “Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures” was made for you!
Complete with an all new version of that catchy “Hot Dog Song”, this new TV show from Disney Junior captures the attention of your youngest Disney fan, just as Mickey has captured our hearts for so many years. The theme song for Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures is an absolute toe-tapper.
Check out a video of the happiest littles dancing to the new tune inside the Disney Channel building during a private screening hosted by Kristin Cruz.
Fresh fun episodes of Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures are new each week on the DIsney Now App. 
The show takes Mickey and the Gang along with friends Chip and Dale on zany new adventures all around Hot dog Hills in fun locales. Each episode features a mid-episode dance break in which Mickey and the Gang invite viewers to dance along to the newly updated Hot Dog Song.
With Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures the kids will be invited to get up and move with their favorite friends!
The new “Hot Dog” Song was so popular with parents and kids that during the month of September when Disney had their hot dog dance challenge, there were literally millions of video views on Instagram and YouTube. Everybody went nuts for the new updated tune!
If you are a Mickey fan and you check the show out!
Check out the new “Hot Dog” Song here in this video for yourself! https://youtu.be/MkXuD9HTyLk 

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