¡Hola Mamá!

Baby Ariana Garcia, the adorable baby girl of Boricua supermodel, Ana Garcia, staring in her own campaign.

As grandchild to one Puerto Rico's most well-known producers and bloggers and daughter to one of Puerto Rico's most recognized curvy models, we knew baby girl Ariana would be a natural in front of the camera. At just one-month old, baby Ariana landed a modeling gig with Mixed Up Clothing, a children's fashion line dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusion.


“I was born in Puerto Rico, so I have a natural connection to the island and the culture. Ariana was a natural choice for us to work with because we were already full-fledged-fans of the incredible work that Ariana's mother and grandmother are doing in Puerto Rico. From the day I heard of Ariana's expected arrival, I knew Ariana would be the perfect choice to debut our newest infant wear collection." Sonia Smith-Kang, the founder and creator of Mixed Up Clothing.  

We hope that Mixed Up Clothing becomes a staple in Ariana's closet, a brand that she learns about and grows up with throughout her entire childhood.

Update: Hurricane Maria y Hurricane Irma have hit my beautiful birthplace of Puerto Rico and they need our help. In support of our fellow Boricua Americans and restoring the resources of the island, a portion of sales from this item will be donated to United for Puerto Rico.

Head to www.mixedupclothing.com to support!

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