L.A Zoo Reindeer Romp 2016

What a wonderful day spent covering the Reindeer Romp at the L.A. Zoo. Who knew it is the only place to view live reindeer in Los Angeles? We were able to visit with a reindeer family, including their two babies, in their Reindeer Village home.
There were so many activities that the kids were pulling us in every direction. We started with holiday crafts followed by ice-carving demonstrations and a Swazzle Holiday Extravaganza puppet show.
After lunch and feeling like we should just chill for a bit, we took in seasonal music and entertainment by the Beverly Belles.  After that was a visit with Santa Claus in Santa Village (for a nominal fee).
The Reindeer Romp Holiday Celebration made it's debut on Friday November 18, 2016, and runs through Sunday, January 8, 2017 (except Christmas Day),10 am to 4 pm so make plans to check it out.
Fine print:
We attended media day at The L.A Zoo but all opinions are mine.

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