Domino’s Now Delivering via Hotspots!

Hey batter, batter! Did you hear the news?  Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales, is launching yet another delivery revolution AND we got to try it out!

Now over 150,000 Domino’s Hotspots are now active nationwide so that customers can receive delivery orders at spots that don’t have a traditional address – like where I spend most of my days... places like local parks, sports fields and beaches, as well as thousands of other unexpected sites. 
So just in time for Volunteer Appreciation Month, I got to surprise our volunteer coaches (one of whom I call my husband) and treat them to some PIZZA.


So who gets to use the Hotspots?

Local Domino’s stores around the country have selected these Domino’s Hotspots, which are now locations where drivers can meet customers curbside to hand off orders.

“We listened to customers and their need for pizza delivery to locations without a traditional address,” said Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA. “We know that delivery is all about convenience, and Domino’s Hotspots are an innovation that is all about flexible delivery options for customers.”

Domino’s Hotspots are online-only for prepaid orders on and in mobile apps. Once a customer’s location has been determined, local Domino’s Hotspots that are available for delivery will appear on a map for customers to select.

Before checking out, customers can leave instructions to help the driver find them.

After completing their order, customers will receive text message alerts about their Domino’s Hotspot delivery progress, including a final text that gives the estimated arrival of the driver at the hand-off spot. 

“Now customers spending time at some of our new Domino’s Hotspots locations, like Tommy Lasorda Field of Dreams in Los Angeles or even next to the James Brown statue in Augusta, Georgia, can have a pizza conveniently delivered to them, thanks to our innovative Domino’s Delivery Hotspots,” continued Weiner.

Our experience: it was super simple to download the Domino's app and geo locate to my baseball field. We were able to leave instructions of nearest field. Easy tracking from the app kept us updated. Upon arrival, driver called and we met him in the parking lot. Kids cheered and grubbed on the pizza. Coaches were thankful as well.

To learn more, check out Domino’s Delivery Hotspot locations in their area by going to the locator page at For more information, visit

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Domino's, however, all opinions are mine.

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