On the road with MultiCulti Corner: Magaly's Tamales

It's December and tamale season is upon us so the MultiCulti Corner (MCC) is headed out on the road. MCC is a culturally diverse community of multiracial people and families enjoying and sharing social, educational, and celebratory news and events.

The MCC has a group of multicultural children (a tribe) that get together to learn about other cultures. On this beautiful day they went to San Fernando, a city outside Los Angeles, to visit a tamale restaurant and chat with owner, Magaly, to learn all about tamales.

Magaly explained that tamales are a tradition of Mexico traced back to Mayan and Aztec times.
She shared how tamale making is a fun family event that runs from Christmas on through the new year.

She went around the table discussing all the ingredients: corn husks, masa, meats, cheese, pineapple, veggies and chiles.
She explained that they could choose to add any of the ingredients and place them into their tamale.
Tamales come in a variety of sizes, thickness and fillings.

The children began the art of tamale making. They laid out their corn husks, spread the fresh masa onto the husks, added their meat filling and any other ingredient they wished. With Magaly's help, they gently folded the tamales and placed them into a pot for steaming.

While the tamales cooked, the tribe listened intently on Magaly's every word as she talked about her famous tamale restaurant. She shared how she came up with the idea and, like a true entrepreneur, turned her idea into a reality. Magaly's Tamales is now a staple in San Fernando.

Being an active community member, she supports the San Fernando Police Department and they support her. While preparing their tamales, the tribe was surprised by a police officer who was a K-9 officer. He handed out his cards to the kids who got a kick out of seeing his dog on the card.


The tamales came back steaming hot and to absolute perfection. For a few of this kids, this was their first time learning about tamales, let alone making one.

Each child ripped off the corn husks and dug in. They were amazed that what they had just assembled, wrapped and cooked, had turned into a delicious meal.

This was the first time during our time here at Magaly's Tamales that the children were silent... because their mouths were busy enjoying all the amazing flavors of the tamales and savoring a taste of Mexico.


Special thanks to Magaly Colelli, Sgt. Chris Colelli and the staff of Magaly's Tamales.

Produced by Mixed Up Clothing and DDHPR for MultiCulti Corner

Sound by Kevin Clayton

Editing by Kevin Clayton and Amy Hendy

Photography and videography by Jermaine Brandon

While Magaly's Tamales hosted our event, all opinions are my own.




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