Knott's Scary Farm 2015

My family and I love Halloween. We love dressing up in some sort of family theme. One year we were characters from Toy Story. Another year we were Super Heroes. We are still unsure about what to be this year but being at the Media Event at Knott's Scary Farm got me excited that it's Halloween time again and anything is possible. 

On this night we gathered to all that was new for 2015.

This year's Scary Farm will run September 24-October 31 so be sure to grab your tickets and find out what all the excitement is all about. Good news for passholders. They can purchase the pass at the limited price of $70 while supplies last.

Some things that caught my attention were the eleven elaborately walk-through mazes and interactive haunted attractions. The park is 160 acres and will contain three scare zones and 1,000 live monsters, ghosts ghouls, goblins, freaks, mutants and any other beasts that will be lurking in the dark!

Elvira, the legendary Mistress of the Dark is back in a new show, Elvira's Asylum. The show features dance and comedy performances. If you spend at least $50 at Elvira's bootique during Knott's Scary Farm, you can get a chance to meet her between performances! If you don't catch Elvira her at Knott's, yu're really missing out. This is the only place she can be seen this Halloween season.

Ghost Town Streets is the original and largest scare zone that started it all. How scary will it be to walk around in the fog unaware of when bands of half-human, half-animal monsters prowl the streets? This may be one street I avoid. My heart may not be able to take it! 

Your kids not into all the chills and thrills of Scary Farm? My littles are definitely in that category. They love Halloween, just the little kid edition. That's why we can't wait to check out Knott's Spooky Farm which is open weekends in October. This is Knott's inaugural event, a park-wide daytime, non-scare celebration for kids around 3-11. Come in costume for the costume contest and trick-or-treat for tasty sweets by ringing bells at nearly a dozen themed doors. 

Get ready for The Peanuts Movie by checking out the Peanuts gang in Camp Snoopy. Charlie Brown and his friends are throwing a Halloween party and you're invited. We hope to catch you there at the Camp Spooky Theatre.

Happy Halloween!!


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