We Love Lucy

     My papa (grandfather) was a dog lover for as long as I could remember. When we moved from Hawaii to the States, we lived with him and my grandmother. In the years I lived with them, there were three of us human grandchildren and three canine ones.
There was Spud, Turkey (yes, a dog named Turkey) and Lucy. All of us were loved but we knew Lucy was the "favorite." Papa had rescued her from a life of dog fights. His energy was spent on rehabilitating Lucy. There were numerous vet visits, hugs and medicines that aided in returning her to good health.
     In the months and years that passed, their love grew and were best friends. Papa saw her gentleness and helped get her to that loving dog he knew was there. Lucy would return the favor years later when Papa got cancer.
After rounds of chemo, you could find Lucy curled up next to him. When he couldn't drive anymore, she was his companion on walks. When he was hospitalized, we would post photos of Lucy near his bed and talk to him about her. It made him happy.
     Sadly, my Papa lost his battle with cancer and we inherited Lucy. She is a living reminder of my grandfather and each time I see her, I can't help but think of him. My family and I care for her and try to make sure she is happy and healthy. We were excited to receive an opportunity to review dog products by the True Science brand.  
     VetIQ Hip & Joint Chews is perfect for Lucy as she is 14 years old and can use the chews to help keep her muscles strong and joints lubricated for ease of movement. My oldest, Breanna, couldn't pull the chews out of the bag fast enough. Lucy jumped up on her and ate them without hesitation. 
     Knowing how much she enjoys the chews made it that much easier to give her first dose of  PetAction Plus Flea & Tick Drops.
     The drops will be given to Lucy monthly for three months to kills fleas, flea eggs and larvae, lice, and ticks.  Happy to read that this product has demonstrated greater than 92% control of fleas within one day of application. With weather warming up, we are spending more time outdoors and at doggie parks so the extra protection is nice.
     After reading the instructions, Lucy nuzzled up and we squeezed the medication into her neck as directed. 
     It was easy to apply and all Lucy wanted was her treat, the chews. We were happy to reward her.
     Lucy came to us in a horrific manner as a dog who was involved in dog fights but with Papa's help, she is a gentle dog and in great shape. She keeps up with my 4 active kids and we want to keep her that way.
Products used from the True Science brand:
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